Flamingo (2019)

"I have this dream about driving an uncontrollable vehicle for three and a half years.
Each time it changes a little, I want to capture these emotions, in order to read the message

behind it."

Flamingo is an independent short film talks about struggle and failure that the author received from his life. He wonders what’s wrong with him.
He always wants to work on a new film, but each second day, he despises his yesterday idea. Every morning he thinks of a good ambitious idea to start, but he doubts himself after a while, and he falls into the black mirror-like hole, day by day. Until, he decided to express this complex emotion. The idea of surfs with his struggle, and squeeze the fun out of it. The project shares the anxiety of an idler person, the lunatic mind of caffeine overdose, the short peaceful love in the limit morning hour.
He is not himself but the prisoner of “Old Nick”, he is one of the weakest lamb, drown, overwhelm and intoxicated by the shameless, borderless internet ocean.