︎ 回憶的地下鐵 初代號
The memories of Portraits - First edition 

年代 Year of work: 2021

尺寸 Size:

60 cm x 160 cm

媒材 Media:       

水彩 墨水筆 壓克力
Watercolor ink Acrylic 

*回憶的地下鐵是從上一個系列填色的地下鐵的延伸作品,本畫作是記錄我腦中對過去人臉的記憶,漸漸模糊消化的過程。 經過時間的流逝人事物都會淡去或昇華,但最終都將溶入成為回憶的養分,但願都能平靜面對變化,為過去留一塊地方放畫,然後接著再往前走。


2015年我坐在紐約地鐵N Train前往曼哈頓的路上,大家被關在這個緩慢前進的鐵龍肚子裡。 我那時候的心情是非常焦慮的,除了心煩即將遲到以外,更強烈的是對於想創作的迫切。那些在Chelsea區的藝廊讓我眼花撩亂,在Bushwick的藝術家總是自由又狂野,他們讓我感到某程度上的共鳴,被激勵,但當回到家雙手磨擦想要做點什麼的時候,想法又隨之消散,我那時候買了好多空的畫布和紙。

我在很不平衡的心情下展開了這個計劃—— 只是必須畫點什麼好讓我不要瘋掉。 坐在地鐵車廂裡,我隨意地描繪坐在正在對面看手機的人,然後一口氣畫了好幾個人,一頭亂髮的、穿泳衣的、睡著的,地鐵門一打開他們一下子都消失了,隨即下一批人又把空間填滿。


I was sitting on the Manhattan bound N Train back in 2015, all the people was stuck into this iron dragon’s belly, I was feeling anxiety, not only for the late, but also for the urgent of create something. These galleries in Chelsea made me dizzy, and the artists lived in Bushwick was wild and free, somehow I felt connected, inspired, but while I arrived home and ready to start making something, it diminished, I bought a lots of blank canvas and papers.

I started this plan at a chaotic condition—— just wanted to draw something that could save me from driving myself crazy. I sat inside the train, started drawing this person sat in front of me spontaneously, and more to come, a woman with messy curly hair, a swimsuit guy, a sleeping grandma, they disappeared within a minute while the train door was opened, and filled with another group of people rapidly.

This project become a therapy of my anxiety, I stared to forgive the train delay announcement. I grabbed my note, started drawing without thinking too much, didn’t care if I draw it right, just connected the dots, lines and spheres, spending time on the long curly hair, sometime eyes contacted with others. You would suddenly notice where did all your attentions spend usually during the normal days? There were many undiscovered scenarios, and now I read story from their facial expressions, how they look and how they act.

*This project become an ongoing plan, invented this way to connect to the new place where I visit, received inspirations and ideas.