Artist statement

Many people said they could recognize my work without notice that’s mine. At the very beginning I’ve no idea what is my style, even thought I should be the one who ‘s most understand myself, but it’s not 100% true, we’re all just learning how to figure it out who we are and how should we express.

First of all, literarily I’m just a blank paper, stark, infinite seamless space, there’s only one thing I care about ─freedom, Coming up second, collecting, I grab anything I like, any color, any emotion, it all comes together, splashy, Day-Glo colors shining all around, overwhelming and messy, just like the information I receive, Third, digesting, filtering. There’re things I like left in my system, released others, and I found the general adjective to describe me and my world, raw; playful; soulful and sometimes wacky, it extends to my fourth stage, how my life and environment inspire me.

I’m not usually sad or angry in public, there’s a little room where I will hide my extreme emotions, then they’ll come out spontaneously in deep conscious dreaming. All the emotion I squeezed out appears in high contrast lapis blue and outrageous orange cross over. I’m in the galaxy; I’m part of its, dancing, exquisite movement.

I’m free.

2018 exhibition in Osaka Art stream 
Gertrude Stein — Stanzas in Meditation, circa 1930-1935